Custom Stamps FAQ

Looking to have something custom made into a stamp for your business? I can help! Feel free to contact me using the contact form at the bottom of this page or send an email directly to with your images attached and I can follow up with you.

Image Details:

The ideal image to send is a black and white .JPG at 300 dpi, with a minimum image size of 2" square. If you don't have this, it's okay! However there will be a cost associated with having to take an image from a reference photo/drawing/ screen capture and turn it into an image I can use to make a stamp from. 

Custom Stamp Pricing:

For a stamp where the image is provided where I don't have to do any clean up in order to make the stamp, you are looking at a starting price of $80 CAD for up to a 1/2" size stamp.

For a stamp where I need to clean up the image provided, or make the image from scratch, you are looking at a starting price of $130 CAD for up to a 1/2" sized stamp.

For larger sized stamps, or stamps where the image is highly detailed or complicated, I will let you know when I see the image how much it will cost based on time & steel size, but you are looking at $150 CAD or higher.

How to Pay For a Custom Stamp:

Once I see your image and we discuss the final size and price, I will send you a paypal invoice which must be paid in full in order for me to start any work on your stamp(s).

How long until I get my stamp?

It typically takes me 2-3 weeks to finish a custom stamp, however I will let you know in our communications if I expect it to take me longer to finish your order. I ship with Canada Post (Canada) and Chit Chats (US & Elsewhere) and shipping times are out of my hands once your package is at the post office. 

Examples of past custom work:

You can also see more custom work at @themoderntoolsmith on Instagram pinned at the top of my page under "one offs"

 custom signature stamp custom logo with 925 stamp on silver bracelet